Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can't Decide....

I'm in a dilemma at this moment for not being able to decide on what to buy for my next toy purchase. Just finished paying for the shipping cost of my previous online purchases, which were earlier this month and as this month's salary is around the corner, it is time for my next round of purchase. No point for me to stop buying now, or even just to think of stopping, as I'm already way too deep in this toy collecting arena.

My wish list just keep on getting longer and longer with every passing days... and when I'm ready to make the purchase, I can't decide which item to buy first. If I choose to let go an item, will it be available again next time? I believe this is the kind of problems that any other toy collectors with limited budget are experiencing all around the world, at any given time. But, I also believe, this is the fun part in toy collecting, other than the happy moment when we receive the parcel itself.

As for the moment, there are 6 items that really got my attention to bid/buy. All these items are quite rare and insanely expensive to buy locally, if its available here in KL, and all of it has about 2-3 days bidding/buying time left. In other words, I have to decide fast.

Here are the items in random order...

1. Transformers G1 Sixshot

2. Medicom RAH Ghost Rider

3. Medicom RAH Wolverine

4. SDCC 2009 Exclusive Baroness

5. MOTU Classic He-Man

6. Darth Vader Real Action Doll Collection by Tomy Direct

Come to think of it, I'm actually lying to myself about the 6 items. It is actually a lot more. The list, and this post, could goes on forever. Darn it....

Maybe I'll sleep over it for a while...


  1. Bro, aku suggest ko beli 'Penunggang Hantu' coz mmg terbaek. Wolvie tu aku tak galakkan sgt coz bagi aku bende tu biasa jer dan tak baper best sangat. Ini cuma pendapat aku sbbnya kedua-dua bende tu aku dah ada. Lagi 4 brg tu aku tak berani nk komen apa2 sbb aku takde bende tu. Just my 2 cent idea jer bro. Terpulang pada anda selebihnya. :)

  2. Salam Tuan.Aku cadangkan ko beli bapak Luke Skywalker.Tp pas beli klu ko taknak simpan,takpe aku bleh 'tolong' simpankan kat umah aku he he he

  3. ngehehehe... sudah buat pilihan G1 Sixshot akhirnya.
    Mungkin Ghost Rider atau Darth Vader untuk pembelian akan datang kot kalo ada rezeki. Anyway, thanks pada korang semua yg memberikan pendapat masing-masing... yu de men